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New Garden Township Zoning Board Hearing will take place on May 1st at 6:30pm!

New Garden Township Building
299 Starr Rd, Landenberg PA 19350

Many argue that people can do whatever they choose on their own property, but not when it impacts their neighbors.
When opinions differ, it is not a reason to go to hatred. So many in our community are working towards solutions rather than fighting and going to hatred.
Join us in seeking solutions in a neighborly manner. There are many solutions for our community that do not require a new cell tower.
Be informed, what you read on social media may be misleading and is causing an unnecessary divide in our community.
We are all neighbors, we were neighbors before a tower was proposed, and we will be when this is all over. Wait until you hear all of the testimony, from all parties, so you may make an informed decision. No one likes to learn that they have been mislead. It takes patience to work through solutions and it is rarely black and white.
` Join us, all who embrace the remarkable gifts of our neighbors working together to solve community problems without taking “sides” and vilifying their fellow neighbors. It is possible to come to peaceful resolve by working together to find solutions.

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